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Drone Washing: Coming Soon

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We will soon be offering Drone Power Washing to SEQ

What is Drone Power Washing?

Drone power washing is not just another cleaning method; it’s a revolution! By equipping drones with high-pressure and low pressure spray attachments we are able to offer Power washing and soft washing to surfaces that were previously unreachable.

  • Innovation: This groundbreaking technology allows us to reach heights far beyond what’s currently possible with traditional methods, transforming the way we think about cleaning.


What are the Benefits?


  • Height: With the capability to clean buildings and structures up to 120m in height, we’re setting new industry standards in cleaning.
  • Efficiency: Our drones can complete projects in a fraction of the time it takes traditional methods, saving you both time and money.
  • Safety: By eliminating the need for scaffolding and reducing the risk of accidents, we’re making high-altitude cleaning safer than ever.




  • From unit and apartment blocks to towering high rises and industrial structures like bridges and silos, our drone power washing service is versatile enough to handle it all with minimal set up and zero personnel working at heights.

Pressure Washed South East QLD is also available to clean any large projects throughout Australia upon request.

Drone Soft Washing

What is Drone Soft Washing? Drone soft washing is a gentler approach to cleaning that uses detergents and low pressure water, ideal for delicate surfaces that require a softer touch, such as historical monuments or solar panels.




  • Delicate Surfaces: Our soft washing technique is perfect for surfaces that can’t withstand the intensity of high-pressure washing, or don’t require high pressure cleaning.
  • Eco-Friendly: We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt but gentle on the planet.
  • Hard-to-Reach Areas: Our drones will be able navigate intricate and hard-to-reach areas with ease, ensuring a thorough clean no matter the location or structure.




  • Examples: Whether it’s wind turbines, multi-level residential houses, or delicate historical monuments, our drone soft washing service will get the job done.

Drone Power Washing

What is Drone Power Washing? Drone power washing is our cutting-edge approach to cleaning that employs high-pressure turbo nozzles and sprays mounted on drones. This method is ideal for robust surfaces that require intense cleaning, such as building exteriors, industrial silos, and concrete structures.




  • Robust Surfaces: Our power washing method is designed for surfaces that can handle high-pressure hot water cleaning, effectively removing stubborn dirt, grime, mold, and animal droppings.
  • Efficiency and Speed: The use of drones significantly speeds up the cleaning process, allowing us to complete projects in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.
  • Safety and Accessibility: The drone technology eliminates the need for ladders, scaffolding and rope systems, making it safer and enabling us to reach areas that were previously to difficult or dangerous to access.




  • Examples: Our drone power washing service is incredibly versatile, capable of cleaning everything from high-rise buildings and apartment complexes to industrial structures like silos and even wind turbines.

Case Study’s for Our Drone Washing Service


Study 1: High-Rise Building

  • Problem: The exterior of a 100m high-rise building has not been cleaned or painted in many years, leading to a buildup of grime and organic growth, reducing the building’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Solution: We would our drone power washing technology, equipped with specialized detergents and nozzles for cleaning a robust surface.
  • Results: The project was completed in half the time compared to traditional methods of scaffolding and rope systems, with zero safety incidents and a visibly cleaner building.

Study 2: Wind Turbine

  • Problem: A wind turbine was suffering from reduced efficiency due to dirt and grime accumulation on its blades. The remote location and no available water source add’s the already seemingly impossible job.
  • Solution: Our drone soft washing service was employed, using Eco-friendly cleaning solutions and water trailer.
  • Results: The turbine’s efficiency was restored, and the project was completed in a timely manner without any damage to the structure,

Study 3: Bridge across a highway

  • Problem: A bridge across a main artery road needs cleaning prior to painting.
  • Solution: We deploy our drone from the road side within minutes, while only closing 1 lane of the busy road.
  • Results: The bridge is cleaned in a fraction of the time normal cleaning methods would take, and with minimal disruption to traffic flow. 

Drone Washing For Building Cleaning

No more expensive and dangerous sizzor lifts and scaffolding are needed. Pressure Washed South East QLD drone washing can power wash or soft wash your building or structure.

This process of cleaning with a drone is much faster than traditional methods and can save you a lot of money, with better results.

Based out the Gold Gold Coast Pressure Washed South East QLD Drone Cleaning will offer commercial drone cleaning from the Sunshine Coast to the Tweed Coast. We are also available to clean large projects throughout Australia upon request.

What are the benefits of commercial drone cleaning?

Introducing the innovative solution of commercial drone cleaning by Pressure Washed South East QLD, which provides a secure alternative for cleaning buildings and windows. By utilizing Pressure Washed South East QLD’s cutting-edge drone cleaning technology, you can achieve pristine results without endangering human lives. This advanced approach not only enhances safety but also offers substantial cost savings while significantly expediting the cleaning process for roofs, windows, and towering building surfaces, ultimately revitalizing their appearance.

Innovative Applications of Drone Power Washing

Mining: Drone-powered power washing is transforming mining maintenance by efficiently cleaning large structures, buildings, Workshops, CHPP’s, and train load outs. This technology improves safety, minimizes downtime, and enhances asset longevity, offering the mining industry a cost-effective and efficient solution for its cleaning needs.

Pre Paint Cleaning: Drone power washing is a groundbreaking method for pre-painting preparation of large buildings. Its rapid coverage of extensive areas and ability to access challenging spots, inaccessible to traditional machinery and human labor, make it an invaluable asset. This technology not only enhances efficiency but also ensures a thorough and even cleaning, setting the stage for impeccable painting results.

Window Cleaning: Utilizing drones for window power washing offers unparalleled advantages. Whether dealing with towering glass high-rises, challenging surroundings, or a few elusive windows, this technology ensures effortless accessibility and comprehensive cleaning. Drones effortlessly navigate diverse environments, making even the most hard-to-reach windows shine, guaranteeing a pristine and polished appearance for any building.

Roof Cleaning: Elevating residential and commercial roof cleaning, drone power washing is a game-changer. Our advanced technology facilitates rapid and comprehensive soft wash procedures without requiring anyone to physically ascend the roof. This streamlined process not only guarantees efficiency but also leads to remarkable cost savings. Even roofs with challenging step angles are effortlessly cleaned using our drones, making previously hard-to-reach areas accessible. Embrace a new era of roof cleaning that prioritizes safety, speed, and outstanding outcomes.



Question 1: How will drone power washing bring about a revolutionary transformation in traditional mining maintenance practices?

Answer: Drone power washing will reshape mining maintenance by effectively cleaning large structures, buildings, workshops, CHPP’s, and train load outs. This technology minimizes risks associated with working at heights, accelerates cleaning processes, and enhances asset longevity. By decreasing downtime and improving safety, drones are changing the landscape of maintenance in the mining industry.

Question 2: What advantages does drone power washing offer for the efficient preparation of extensive buildings before painting?

Answer: Drone power washing delivers remarkable benefits for pre-painting preparation of large structures. Its quick coverage of extensive surfaces and accessibility to hard-to-reach spots eliminate the need for manual labor on scaffolds or lifts. This technology ensures thorough and even cleaning, creating an optimal painting surface. By expediting the pre-painting process, it leads to cost savings and superior painting results.

Question 3: How does drone technology enhance window power washing, particularly for the challenging areas of high-rise buildings?

Answer: Drones redefine window power washing, particularly in high-rise buildings. They offer unparalleled access to difficult-to-reach spots, negating the need for costly methods like scaffolding and rope systems. With their precision and agility, drones navigate complex architectural designs, ensuring a comprehensive clean even in challenging environments. This technology not only saves time but also improves overall window maintenance.

Question 4: How does drone power washing streamline and elevate the cleaning process for both residential and commercial roofs, including those with complex step angles?

Answer: Drone power washing is revolutionizing roof cleaning for various properties. By utilizing advanced drones, soft wash procedures can be performed without individuals climbing on to roofs. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency, reduces labor costs, and speeds up cleaning times. Drones adeptly handle complex roof angles, ensuring a comprehensive and uniform cleaning. This not only prolongs roof life but also boosts safety by minimizing human intervention at heights.

Question 5: What are the primary safety and cost-saving benefits associated with the adoption of drones for power washing across diverse industries?

Answer: Implementing drones for power washing offers crucial safety advantages by minimizing personnel exposure to elevated risks. The elimination of traditional methods like scaffolding reduces accident potential. Drones optimize cleaning processes, lowering labor expenses and downtime. Their ability to access challenging areas ensures a higher standard of cleaning, thereby preserving structures and assets effectively across different industries.

Written by: Mark B Owner and Operator at Pressure Washed South East QLD


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