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House Wash Preparation

How to prepare for Pressure Washing Your Home

Pressure Washing/Soft Washing your house requires preparation, below is a guide to for you to follow.

This includes:


Homes with water tanks must have their release valve open or pipe disconnected prior to our arrival to avoid contamination of water. We advise to leave the water diverted for a month or at-least a few rainstorms before reconnecting. This is to ensure all the chemicals are rinsed away. We don’t have time to remove furniture so please remove anything you don’t want to be discoloured or wet by our cleaning products, please move them as far away from the house as possible, cover up or place inside before we get to your home as we will not responsible for any damage.

We take every precaution possible not to cause damage, but we are not responsibility for damage to your roof or gutters during our pressure cleaning or soft was service.