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Strata Title Pressure Cleaning: Boost Your Property’s Appeal

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We offer a Professional Strata Title Pressure Cleaning Service

Hello there, Strata Title property owners! If you’re looking to ensure that your strata properties look absolutely stunning, you’ve arrived at the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of strata Title pressure cleaning, revealing the secrets behind its effectiveness and why Pressure Washed South East Qld should be your go-to source for all your strata pressure cleaning needs.

Pressure Washed South East QLD  has been catering to the needs of clients in the Gold Coast region for man years. Our team, made up of of skilled and accredited tradesmen, offers specialized exterior pressure cleaning and soft washing services, ensuring your property radiates a pristine and polished appearance.

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What is Strata Title Pressure Cleaning?

Strata title pressure cleaning is a specialized and highly effective cleaning service designed to restore the exterior of strata buildings to their former glory. By utilizing cutting-edge machinery and high-pressure water, this method can effortlessly eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, oil/grease and unsightly stains from a range of surfaces, including walls, concrete, pavements, tiles and even roofs. Prepare to witness your property’s transformation as strata High pressure water cleaning unveils its true beauty.

"According to the Queensland Government's Property Market Report 2022, there were 1,236,849 strata title properties in South East Queensland as of December 2021".

What Areas of Your Strata Title Property Can We Clean?

Pressure cleaning Is highly effective in maintaining the appearance and functionality of strata title or body corporate buildings. Here is a list of areas where pressure cleaning can be employed:

Exterior Areas

1. Building Facades: To remove dirt, grime, organic growth like moss, algae, mold, mildew and lichen.
2. Balconies and Patios: For general cleaning or stain removal.
3. Outdoor Stairs: Out door stairs that are exposed to the elements are prone to slippery organic growth.
4. Parking Lots: For oil and grease stains, tyre marks, dirt and grime, calcium build up on bricks, and organic growth. 
5. Driveways and Walkways: To improve appearance and safety.
6. Retaining Walls: To remove the green colored algae that loves to grown on walls.
7. Fences and Gates: For paint preparation or general maintenance.
8. Gutters: To clear out debris and improve drainage.
9. Roofs: To remove build up dirt, grime, animal droppings, lichen and algae, or as pre painting preparation.
9. Swimming Pool Areas: To remove calcium and lime deposits.

Interior Areas

1. Garbage and Recycling Areas: For sanitation and odor removal. The bins can also be cleaned inside and out.
2. Hallways and Corridors: To remove scuff marks and improve general cleanliness.
3. Elevator Shafts: For cleanliness and mechanical efficiency.
4. Loading Docks: To remove grease and grime, also to reveal hidden line markings for safety reasons.
5. Storage Rooms: To eliminate dust and possible mold growth, this is important for underground car parks.
6. Boiler Rooms: For grease and grime removal.

Shared Amenities

1. Out door Gym and exercise Equipment: For sanitation and aesthetics.
2. Children’s Play Areas: For general cleaning and sanitation.
3. Outdoor Furniture: To improve longevity and appearance.
4. BBQ Areas: For grease and grime removal, to remove animal droppings from table and seats.

Specialty Cleaning

1. Graffiti Removal: From walls, fences, and other surfaces.
2. Window Washing: Especially for multi level buildings.
3. Monument and Statue Cleaning: To restore aesthetic appeal.

By addressing these areas, pressure cleaning can greatly enhance the appearance, safety, and value of you strata title property.

"Pressure Washed South East Qld Offers the Best Strata Pressure Cleaning on the Gold Coast"

Extra Perks of Strata High Pressure Cleaning

Strata Water Blasting offers numerous benefits for property owners like yourself, including:

  • Enhanced property appeal that captures attention of buyers and renters.
  • Optimal protection from wear and tear damage, Including removal of damage causing organic growth and insect infestation.
  • Increased property value that ensures attractive returns on investment.
  • Improved health and safety standards for your residents and visitors.
  • A rapid and highly effective cleaning solution that saves valuable time

Harnessing the Power of Bio-Degradable Soaps

Alongside its many benefits, strata pressure cleaning can reach new heights when paired with bio-degradable soaps. These soaps are crafted from natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients, ensuring low impact on the environment. Pressure Washed South East Qld takes sustainability seriously and prioritizes the use of bio-degradable soaps in our strata pressure cleaning services. By choosing our services, you’ll witness the spectacular results of our efficient cleaning methods, all while being mindful of our beautiful planet.

The benefits of bio-degradable soaps include:

  • Environmentally-friendly solutions that safeguard our delicate ecosystems
  • Reduced impact on marine life as these soaps effortlessly break down after use
  • Guarantee of safety for both humans and animals, as bio-degradable soaps are non-toxic


We support the local economy by purchase our Biodegradable soaps from a local manufacturer.

Expert Tips for Optimal Strata Pressure Cleaning

Stay ahead of the game with these expert tips for your strata pressure cleaning:

  • Entrust your property only to licensed, experienced and knowledgeable professionals.
  • Opt for a cleaning service that utilizes Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
  • Ensure that the chosen cleaning service provider employs state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology for superior results.
  • Verify that the cleaning service comes equipped with comprehensive insurance coverage, offering you peace of mind.
  • Consider the specific requirements of your strata property, such as roof cleaning, and select a company with the relevant expertise.
  • Find a business that has full time professional employee’s not labor hire.

The Role of Insurance in Safeguarding Your Property

Insurance plays a crucial role in strata pressure cleaning, safeguarding your valuable assets when accidents occur or damages and injuries arise during the cleaning process. At Pressure Washed South East Qld, we prioritize the protection of both our clients and our team members by maintaining comprehensive insurance coverage. By choosing our services, you can rest easy, knowing that any potential liabilities are fully covered. We are happy to provide a certificate of Insurance upon request. We also attach a copy to our quotes.

"Based in the Gold Coast, our team possesses extensive experience and has successfully served numerous local clients, all of whom have expressed satisfaction with our services. Our comprehensive understanding of the local market enables us to provide the most effective cleaning solutions tailored to your property's specific needs".

Selecting the Best Strata Pressure Cleaning Service Near You

With so many strata pressure cleaning service providers on the Gold Coast, it’s essential to make an informed choice. Here’s why Pressure Washed South East Qld stands out from the competition:

  • Over ten years of experience in the industry, ensuring unmatched expertise and knowledge.
  • A highly skilled and experienced team capable of handling various pressure cleaning tasks, including tile roof cleaning, concrete cleaning, soft washing, Power washing, Acid washing, Oil stain removal and lots more.
  • Utilization of cutting-edge machinery and Eco-friendly cleaning products. We aim to offer the most efficient and quietest pressure cleaning service on the gold coast.
  • Swift, efficient, and affordable services that surpass expectations and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Take a look at our google reviews!

Satisfaction Guarantee of Pressure Washed South East Qld

At Pressure Washed South East Qld, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering nothing short of remarkable and professional cleaning services. We guarantee that our strata pressure cleaning will be thorough, efficient, and completed to the highest standards. If, for any reason, you find yourself unsatisfied with our work, we will rectify the situation promptly. We will even wash your property a second time if the results are up to standard. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that every strata property we clean radiates cleanliness and beauty.

Obtaining a Tailored Quote for Unbeatable Strata Title Pressure Cleaning

We understand that each strata property possesses unique characteristics. To provide you with an excellent service, Pressure Washed South East Qld offers customized quotes for strata pressure cleaning. Our team will visit and evaluate your property, considering factors such as size, surface materials, and specific cleaning requirements. This detailed assessment allows us to present you with an accurate and tailored quote that suits your specific needs. We also offer a 30% discount to Strata managed property, contact us today to get your obligation free quote. 

"According to the latest data from the Queensland Government, there are over 1.2 million strata title properties in South East Queensland. This represents about 40% of all strata title properties in Queensland".

Frequently Asked Questions About Strata Title Cleaning

1. What is the cost of strata title pressure cleaning?

Answer: The cost of strata pressure cleaning may vary depending on factors such as the size of your property, the areas you would like cleaned, the severity of dirt and stains, and the frequency of cleaning required. On average, you can expect strata pressure cleaning to cost from $300 and up. However, for a precise quote tailored to your unique property or building needs, we recommend reaching out to our team at Pressure Washed South East Qld to obtain and accurate quote.

2. Is strata pressure cleaning safe for delicate surfaces on our properties?

Answer: Absolutely! Strata pressure cleaning poses no harm to your valuable assets when it is carried out by experienced professionals. Rest assured, our team at Pressure Washed South East Qld consists of highly trained experts who utilize the latest equipment and techniques to ensure safe and efficient cleaning processes. For any delicate surfaces we would employ the soft washing technique.

3. How frequently should you get your strata property cleaned?

Answer: The frequency of strata pressure cleaning largely depends on several factors, including the property’s location, the local wildlife population, nearby construction sites, nearby dirt roads, new house estates, roadworks and any near by tree’s or vegetation.  By consulting our professional team, we can evaluate your unique circumstances and provide tailored recommendations for the most optimal cleaning schedule.

4. Can strata pressure cleaning cause damage to your property?

Answer: When performed correctly, strata pressure cleaning will not result in any damage to your property. At Pressure Washed South East Qld, our skilled team has thorough expertise in working with various surfaces. With the utilization of appropriate techniques and carefully selected equipment, water flow and pressure settings, we guarantee that your property will remain in immaculate condition. We also offer soft washing for delicate surfaces.

5. Are chemicals required for strata pressure cleaning?

Answer: Strata pressure cleaning can be carried out with or without the use of chemicals. At Pressure Washed South East Qld, we prioritize Eco-friendly cleaning solutions, ensuring the safety of both your property and the environment.

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Written by: Mark B, Owner and operator of Pressure Washed South East QLD


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