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Tips & Contacts for Body Corporate Managers In Brisbane

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Tips and contacts for Body corporate and strata title managers in Brisbane

Nestled along the winding Brisbane River, Queensland’s vibrant capital, Brisbane, beckons with its modern skyline, rich cultural tapestry, and a thriving community of Body Corporate & strata properties. In this comprehensive guide designed for Brisbane’s body corporate managers, we embark on a journey through the intricacies of their role within this dynamic urban landscape. Packed with invaluable tips, essential contacts, and insights, we unveil the keys to not just managing but excelling in this bustling city setting.

Table of Contents

Tips for Body Corporate Managers

1. Stay Informed on Legal Updates:
– Regularly check the Queensland Government’s official website for updates on strata laws and regulations specific to Brisbane.
– Join local industry associations or forums to stay updated on any legal changes that might impact your role.

2. Effective Financial Management:
– Collaborate with experienced accountants familiar with strata finances to ensure accurate budgeting and financial reporting.
– Leverage specialized strata management software for streamlined financial operations and transparent reporting to stakeholders.

3. Proactive Maintenance Strategies:
– Implement a proactive maintenance schedule for common areas and facilities to prevent major issues and ensure resident satisfaction.
– Build a network of reliable local contractors and service providers for efficient and cost-effective maintenance solutions.

4. Insurance Reviews and Optimization:
– Conduct annual reviews of insurance policies to ensure they align with the property’s needs and provide adequate coverage.
– Collaborate with insurance brokers specializing in strata insurance to optimize coverage and minimize risks for the property.

5. Clear Communication Channels:
– Establish clear and accessible communication channels for residents to report issues, seek information, and provide feedback.
– Utilize digital platforms or apps to keep residents informed about community updates, meetings, and important announcements.

6. Engage Residents and Foster Community:
– Organize community events, workshops, or meetings to encourage resident engagement and build a sense of community within the strata property.
– Consider forming resident committees or advisory boards to involve residents in decision-making processes and garner diverse perspectives.

7. Emergency Preparedness:
– Develop and regularly review emergency response plans, ensuring all residents are aware of protocols and contact information.
– Collaborate with local emergency services and organizations to conduct drills and increase preparedness for various emergency scenarios.

8. Environmentally Sustainable Practices:
– Promote sustainable practices within the strata property, such as energy-efficient lighting, waste recycling programs, and water conservation initiatives.
– Stay updated on local sustainability grants or initiatives that could benefit the property and its residents.

There are approximately 38,683 body corporates in Brisbane

Legal and Regulatory

Queensland Government – Body Corporate and Community Management
– Provides vital information and updates on laws and regulations pertaining to body corporate management in Queensland.

Queensland Law Society – Property Law Section
– Connects you with legal experts specializing in property law in Queensland.


Industry Associations

Strata Community Association (Queensland)
– Offers resources, training, and networking opportunities for strata managers.

Institute of Body Corporate Managers (IBCM) Queensland
– Provides education, support, and networking for body corporate managers and those in the strata industry.

Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association (ARAMA) Queensland
– Dedicated to the support and development of Resident Managers in Queensland.


Exterior Cleaning Services
– For all external cleaning including Pressure washing and soft washing


Financial Management

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
– Connects you with CPAs specializing in strata financial management for expert financial advice.

Financial Software Providers
– Offers property management software solutions to streamline financial operations and reporting.


Maintenance and Repairs

Local Maintenance and Repair Contractors
– Platform to find reliable local contractors for various maintenance needs (plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc.).



Strata Insurance Brokers
Whitbread Insurance Brokers
– Reach out to specialized brokers for tailored insurance solutions for strata properties.



Community Engagement Consultants
– Connect with local consultants specializing in community engagement and effective communication strategies within strata communities.

Digital Communication Platforms
Mail Chimp
Sendin Blue


Emergency and Safety

Emergency Services
Queensland Police Service
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
– Important contacts for emergencies and safety protocols.

Safety Consultants
– Connect with local safety consultants specializing in property and community safety.


Sustainability and Environment

Environmental Consultants
– Engage with environmental consultants for advice on sustainability initiatives and practices.

Recycling and Waste Management Services

SUEZ Australia
– Resources for sustainable waste management solutions.

This comprehensive list provides a wide array of contacts, covering legal, financial, maintenance, insurance, communication, emergency services, sustainability, and more, aiming to equip Body Corporate and Strata Title Managers with the necessary resources to efficiently manage a body corporate in Brisbane, Queensland.

There are over 50,000 strata title properties in Brisbane

Written by Owner and Operator: Mark B


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